First Pub Agreements

Finding the suitable first agreement for you is as important as the pub. We offer a straightforward range of agreements, where the key features of each are explained below.


We believe in the L&T model as it is a low start-up cost whilst giving you the freedom to set your pub’s offer, and you are never on your own, with the support and backing of a company that acts as your sounding board to success. You can manage your risk by having the option to break the agreement at any time with six months’ notice.* It is contracted out of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, meaning that it will come to an end after five years.

  • Five-year fixed term.
  • Rent is fixed for the term.
  • One supplier for all beer, cider, wines, spirits and soft drinks.
  • Fully Tied with flexibility provided through Tie Release Fees.
  • Pricing and discounts agreed with rent.
  • Reduced repair and maintenance obligations.
  • We can terminate the agreement on six months’ notice if there are significant rent arrears or tie breaches.
  • You can terminate the agreement on six months’ notice.


Proper Pubs Service Agreement is a simple yet rewarding model. By running a Proper Pub, our Operators receive unparalleled support and sound advice, with the freedom of being self-employed. Operators receive an industry-leading percentage of the weekly net turnover to pay the team and themselves, whilst Proper Pubs take care of the pains of the rest. It’s not only a Proper Pub, but a place to call home, giving Operators and their families a safe place to live.


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