We’re proud to put people first

Running your local community pub is a rewarding and sociable occupation. We’re passionate that communities need pubs and great local entrepreneurs who bring people together.

At the centre of every great Admiral community pub is a dedicated licensee.

We’re committed to building strong partnerships with you and empowering you to make a success of your own business.

Our licensees come from all walks of life. Some have run a pub before, some are completely new to our industry. Wherever you are in your journey, we’ll focus on finding the right pub for your vision and tailor our approach, support, and the training we offer to meet your needs.

You can be confident that in partnering with us, you’ll have an experienced team behind you. You can draw on a wealth of support and knowledge when you need it to maximise your pub’s potential.

Dreaming of running your first pub?

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Admiral licensees


Partnering with us means you’ll have a highly experienced team behind you. You can draw on a wealth of knowledge when you need it, and support to maximise your pub’s potential. We are all working towards the same goal – creating the best community pubs and a business to be proud of.

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Why we chose the pub industry

Everyone’s journey to run a pub is different, but always interesting.

Running your own pub is both challenging and rewarding and although it is not a 9-5 career choice, being your own boss gives you flexibility which many enjoy. You will often find that choosing to run a pub in the area in which you live will pay dividends, as you are already part of the community and understand the vital role which the pub plays for its locals.

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