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Fingerpost, Walsall

Walsall, WS3 5AU

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  • Fantastic waterside location
  • Great food opportunity
  • Turn key operation

The Fingerpost stands as a distinctive detached establishment, nestled in a picturesque canal-side setting on the outskirts of Walsall. Upon arrival, you are greeted by a convenient front car park, offering ease of access. Step through the inviting front door, and you’ll find yourself in a spacious, open-plan bar area featuring a generously sized bar counter. This seamlessly transitions into a cosy, intimate dining section before leading you further into the heart of the establishment – the expansive main dining room. Here, the space opens up to reveal a splendid, elevated decked area, partially covered, which offers great views of the tranquil canal.  Positioned in close proximity to the main A5 route, connecting the M6 to Cannock and Walsall, The Fingerpost enjoys an ideal location for attracting passing travellers. Moreover, its longstanding presence in the area ensures a steady stream of loyal patrons from both the local community, drawn to its inviting ambiance for casual dining, and those seeking a welcoming spot to enjoy their favourite beverages.

Pub Layout

The layout of The Fingerpost has been thoughtfully designed to cater to both patrons seeking a cosy drink and those looking for a delightful dining experience. As you step into the spacious bar area, you’ll immediately notice inviting soft seating, thoughtfully placed near a warm and welcoming fireplace at the far end. Here, you can relax, enjoy your favourite beverage, and bask in the comforting ambiance. Alternatively, you can proceed to the expansive lounge area, which seamlessly blends spaces for both drinking and dining, offering versatility to suit your preferences.  For those seeking a picturesque dining experience, The Fingerpost’s dining area takes full advantage of its idyllic canal-side location, providing captivating views of the tranquil canal and its scenic banks stretching into the distance. This area comfortably accommodates over 50 guests, allowing them to savour their meals while soaking in the natural beauty outside. Additionally, there’s a smaller, more intimate dining space with seating for up to 20 guests, perfect for those seeking a quieter, private setting. The highlight of the establishment is the raised decking area, offering a splendid vantage point overlooking the canal. This area boasts a combination of covered and open spaces, making it an ideal spot for both leisurely drinks and memorable dining experiences, all while enjoying the views of the picturesque canal.

The Fingerpost presently operates as a thriving establishment known for its emphasis on fine dining and a vibrant community drinking scene. However, there is substantial room for growth and diversification to attract a wider range of demographics in the future.

Private Accommodation

This consists of two bedrooms, living room and bathroom.

Annual Rent: £28,000

Security Deposit: £5,000

Working Capital: £5,000

Stock: £5,000

Fixtures and Fittings: To be confirmed upon valuation –  funding options may be available for the right licensee.

Tie: All drinks categories are tied.  For fully funded licensees on long term agreements, we offer free-of-tie options for certain drinks categories in exchange for an annual fee.

Training: £325 plus VAT

For a breakdown on financial information, please refer to the ‘Additional Info’ tab.

One promising avenue for expansion lies in the impressive bar area, which has the potential to become a hub for local patrons seeking a diverse range of beverages. With an extensive selection of products, including a variety of cask ales that perfectly complement this style of operation, the pub can entice a broader local audience looking for a great place to enjoy their preferred drinks.  On the catering front, the establishment’s back-of-house capabilities can support a large-scale food operation. The food offering can be tailored to cater to a diverse market, spanning from value dining options to a more upscale, gourmet experience. To maximize its appeal, it’s essential to focus on a specific target market while offering a comprehensive menu. Notably, Sunday roasts can serve as a cornerstone of the food offering, drawing patrons in for a traditional and delicious dining experience.  By strategically expanding and marketing both the bar and food offerings, The Fingerpost is poised to attract a wide array of customers, ensuring its continued success and growth in the market.  The Fingerpost presents a remarkable opportunity ideally suited for an experienced food operator with aspirations to expand their current portfolio. The surrounding market in this area is substantial, making it advantageous to focus efforts on one specific and well-defined target market.

Annual Rent – This is our lowest rent figure associated with a Full Tie.  If the tie is reduced the effective rent (via Tie Release Fees) will increase.  Rent is billed and paid for weekly in advance depending on the payment terms agreed). On occasion, our Business Development Manager will discuss a start up rent which is discretionary to an individual pub and can be discussed.

Security Deposit – This sum of money will be held on your account and will be returned to you on exiting of the pub based on your final account balance and the condition of the property.  Our standard deposit is 25% of the headline rent.  On occasion, we can negotiate a lower security deposit with the aim to build up to our full deposit on a long term agreement.

Working Capital – This is a recommend amount required which will be used in the day-to-day running of the business.

Stock – This will be valued by an independent valuer on the day you take over the pub. This includes unbranded glassware, unopened bottles, wines, spirits, any unopened / opened kegs and cask ale providing the container is unopened.

Fixtures & Fittings – This includes any item that is bolted to the floor or walls, and a fitting to be any item that is free standing or hung by a nail or hook. This will also include furniture.

Tie: All drinks categories are tied.  For fully funded licensees on long term agreements, we offer free-of-tie options for certain drinks categories in exchange for an annual fee.

Training – Before signing a long term agreement, you will be required to attend our 7 Steps to Sales Success training programme.  Held online over three days, you will learn marketing and business strategies that will help you to grow sales in your pub – step-by-step.

Service Charge Cost – £60.89 per week – The Admiral Taverns Premium Maintenance Package will help take care of your compliance and statutory obligations with one simple fee, whilst giving you piece of mind about your boiler and cellar cooling repair and replacement.  This also includes full access to e-learning for you and your staff.

*Zero Business Rates – Based on the April 2023 rating list, the Nil Rates Payable is based on small business rates relief being applied and the licensee only occupying one property for commercial purposes.  Please note, this only applies to pubs marked with an Asterix *

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