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Ashby Tavern, Hinckley

Hinckley, LE10 1SL

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We are excited to introduce our first flag ship premium Proper Pub complete with a £250,000 investm...

We are excited to introduce our first flag ship premium Proper Pub complete with a £250,000 investment.

The pub will be a great example of proper premium community local with Admiral Taverns investing in a full internal & external scheme. The pub is situated on the main Ashby Road a mile from the nearby town of Hinkley. As its proximity to Hinkley suggests it is in a densely populated area surrounded by housing and the population within a one mile radius is 24,000. The local housing shows a mix of private and rented with most people within the comfortable community’s demographic category which is great for the pubs community offer and values.

Pub Layout

The pubs transformation is a thoughtful blend of modern and classic design elements, creating a welcoming and versatile space for all to relax and enjoy. The subtly zoned trading area will keep the cosy feel with both wooden and carpeted areas. A mix of modern loose seating and fixed seating carefully balances between flexibility and stability in the seating arrangements.

The beer garden is not just an outdoor seating area but will be a carefully designed space that aims to provide a pleasant and versatile experience for customers to enjoy all year round.  The significant investment and the inclusion of features such as wooden huts will make the beer garden a standout feature of the pub and is a great space for community events. The beer garden is vast and can easily host 200 people doubling the square footage of space for the customer.


The Ashby Tavern will be the go too community pub in the area. There will be a varied and diverse entertainment programme with solo singers and trendy bands bringing a relaxed and welcoming feel to the pub at the weekends. The product range will be a premium with cask, craft and keg featuring in the line up along side a fun and vibrant cocktail menu and a great wine menu with up to 20 wines. The offering will be carefully balanced between affordable pricing and product range catering for the wider customer base. The coffee menu will be a great addition for people wishing to relax in the pub during the day time with friends. Continually evolving and staying connected with your community is vital through organising charity events and fundraisers is important to ensure the Ashby Tavern can truly become the go-to spot in the area.

Private Accommodation

The private accommodation consists of three bedrooms, large family bathroom, sitting room and kitchen diner. All of which is in good condition throughout.

Security deposit – £2,000

As part of our unique agreement, you’ll have the opportunity to manage The Ashby Tavern as a self-employed manager. Admiral Taverns takes care of essential running costs, such as rates, utilities, and day-to-day expenses, while you earn a percentage of weekly sales. Your responsibility lies in managing employment costs for your staff and any council tax for the residential quarters. This setup empowers you to increase your income through sales growth, while we handle the operational details.

No rent applicable on this agreement.

I am looking for someone with that spark and zest for all things pubs, an experienced  individual or couple who genuinely love the pub atmosphere, enjoy engaging with customers, and deliver top notch service! A commitment to maintaining high retail standards is crucial for creating a positive and inviting environment. You must have the skills to drive the business forward and have a strong and diverse rhythm of the week, whilst keeping the community close to all that you do.



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