Admiral voices support for the industry’s #LongLiveTheLocal campaign to highlight the cultural importance of pubs and the threat they face from tax pressures


Britain’s Beer Alliance – the pub and beer industry coalition behind ‘There’s a Beer For That’ has launched a vital new campaign to highlight the vital contribution pubs make to the British way of life and the threat they face from a range of tax pressures.

Launched by famous publican and former model, Jodie Kidd, the “Long Live The Local” campaign will celebrate the important role local pubs play in Britain’s community, culture and national identity.

As the UK’s leading community pub company, Admiral Taverns will be lending its support to the campaign which is calling for a cut in the devastatingly high beer duty, which the Government has plans to increase further, through RPI linked rises for at least the next three years.

Voicing Admiral Taverns’ support for the Long Live The Local campaign, the Group’s Chief Executive, Kevin Georgel said:

“Up and down the UK the iconic British Pub regularly acts as the epicentre for community life.

Here at Admiral, across our 845 strong tenanted pub estate we see countless examples of pubs at their very best. The licensees behind them understand what the people most value in their community and they are continually looking for new ways to keep their customer offer relevant and their pub a true asset. Be it a warm welcome for a quiet evening drink, to great pub entertainment, community event nights, beer festivals, sports nights, tournaments, charity events, award winning ‘chilli’ cook off’s and everything in-between.

As small business operators, UK pubs already face significant pressures. Yet the Government continue to add to this with a strangling level of beer duty – already three times the EU average and 12 times higher than Germany and Spain. If duty continues to rise, these burdens will not only result in pub closures but will act as, deterrent to new licensees looking to enter the sector and drive the continued evolution of the ‘great British pub’.

At Admiral, we will be lending our voice to support the Long Live the Local campaign and we urge licensees and pub goers across the UK to sign this petition, asking the government to cut beer tax and help keep local pubs thriving for generations to come.”

To lend your support to the #LongLiveTheLocal campaign please sign the petition https://www.longlivethelocal.pub/letter