Beaufort Arms Landlady celebrates 20 years at popular Bristol local

Debbie Martin, landlady at a popular Bristol community pub will celebrate an impressive twenty-year tenure at The Beaufort Arms this week.

Well known amongst loyal locals, many of whom have been visiting since she first took over the pub in 1998, the traditional pub has thrived under Debbie’s control.

The pub is well known for its cider offer, with its wide range of ciders available proving ever popular with the different local sports and pool teams who enjoy the pub during the week. The Beaufort’s beloved piano is always a hit with local musicians and the pub has hosted an impressive range of Jazz players over the years.

To celebrate her twentieth year Debbie has given the Beaufort a fresh new makeover, to keep the inside looking clean and welcoming for her customers. A treasure trove of local artefacts, the pub even has an ‘original’ hand painted Banksy image dating back to the 1990s.

Debbie’s contribution to the local community was officially honored back in 2015 when she was awarded an ‘Asset to the local community’ award in 2015 having been nominated by her customers for her contribution to the area.

Commentating on the launch, licensee Debbie Martin said:

“The best thing about the Beaufort Arms is the sense of community we have here. The pub is a real family and it’s great to see that valued by our customers. When I came to the pub 20 years ago I had been a bar manager and Admiral gave the opportunity to be my own boss. I love this job and I’m very proud of what we have achieved here. We’re planning to have a small celebration to mark our anniversary in the month ahead which will be a great chance to celebrate and thank my locals whole heartedly for all their support.”

Commentating on the Beaufort Arms, Business Development Manager at Admiral Taverns, Edwin Pope said:

“Debbie runs the archetypical local pub which everyone would want at the end of their road. The Beaufort Arms is a fantastic community hub and Debbie has done a stunning job there over the past 20 years, dedicating herself to its success. The fact that the pub is still thriving and so loved by the locals is testament to all her hard work. I’d like to congratulate Debbie on her time at the Beaufort and here’s to the next 20 years!