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Proper Pubs enables you to showcase your talents in managing one of our community pubs. Our proper pubs are run by someone who is passionate about putting something back into the community they serve.

Proper Pubs is a simple yet rewarding model. By running a proper pub, our operators receive unparalleled support and sound advice, with the freedom of being self-employed. Operators receive an industry-leading percentage of the weekly net turnover to pay the team and themselves, whilst proper pubs take care of the pains of the rest. It’s not only a proper pub, but a place to call home, giving operators and their families a safe place to live.

The magic of proper pubs is that we are community obsessed. This is not only one of our values, but is central in all our plans, and our ambition to be the number one community pub operator in the UK.

Our community begins with our operator, the community hero who operates with us, the customers who drink and socialise with us, and the locals who live near us in our communities.


At proper pubs, we are obsessed with the community and run a series of national and local initiatives to support the communities we operate in.

We are proud to support Chasing the Stigma, a national mental health charity that is committed to normalising mental health. Everybody in the world has mental health, so they make it easy to find help whenever you need it through the Hub of Hope support app.

Our Community Heroes love to support local initiatives, local people and use the pub to bring everyone together. Our current community initiative is all our proper pubs are raising money to install a defibrillator in the pub for community use, with further initiatives to follow.

There is always something going on in a proper pub, and it usually involves the locals. We create a place for people to connect, socialise, and we support the local pub teams and offer traditional games. So like-minded customers can be found around all day.

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