Local Community Pub Helps Raise £17,000 for Local Heart Screening Initiative

Community pub, The Raven Inn in Brinklow recently hosted a charity event for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), raising £17,000 to give local young people access to heart screens.

Following the tragic death of Karen Green’s 17-year-old daughter, Ella, in 2014, she has made it her mission to ensure Coventry and Warwickshire residents have access to life-saving equipment to ensure history does not repeat itself.

Since Ella suddenly died in her sleep of a cardiac arrest, Karen has been instrumental in putting over 20 defibrillators around the region, and now for making sure young people can have heart screens to see if they have undiagnosed heart issues. She hopes this will pre-emptively help tackle the root cause of such tragic deaths.

Karen and her close friends and family held a race night with a difference at the Raven Inn in Brinklow.

Speaking of the fundraising event at the pub, Karen added: “The atmosphere was electric. Brinklow is a very sporty village. Horse racing is very popular so we did a race night. I’ve been to ones before where you have racing on a screen but I wanted it to be a bit different, more interactive.

“So we had it outside, the horses were space hoppers which made it more fun. Lots of people got involved, your granny or your aunty was up – it did turn into carnage at one point,” Karen laughs.

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