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Running a pub through the supported tied model is a fantastic occupation that offers entrepreneurially-minded individuals a low-cost opportunity to run a hospitality business at the heart of their local community.

Our licensees come from all walks of life. Some of them have worked in the hospitality industry before but others are running a pub for the first time.

That’s why we take a flexible approach, never forgetting that all our pubs and operators have individual needs. Rather than adopt "a one size fits all" approach, we tailor our support to the needs of the business, taking into account licensee experience, local market conditions and your aspirations for the pub.

First things first, if you want to run your own pub business, you will need a personal licence. We will put you in touch with our recommended training supplier and support you in applying for this. You will then need to complete a BII Pubs Entry Training (PET) which is an online – elearning course that identifies the main issues to be considered and investigated before signing a pub tenancy or lease agreement.

Once you have found your perfect pub and are ready to formally apply, we will support you through the necessary paper work, credit checks and help you put together your business plan. We have a broad range of tenancy agreements available and try to be as flexible as possible to ensure you have the right one in place. Our support package is extensive, ranging from commercial support through to marketing support and assistance with food development.

Working with Admiral Taverns, you also benefit from bespoke advice from our tight network of award winning BDMs. Many of our BDMs have run pubs themselves, they understand the pressures and the challenges licensees face and we empower them to help you develop your pub, supporting you in the ways you need it most.



At Admiral we are very proud of the emphasis we place on training and the quality and bespoke nature of the workshops we provide. In addition to industry-wide mandatory courses we also organise a number of BII accredited workshops designed to give licensees practical tips on how to drive sales, improve customer satisfaction and develop their business to increase profits.

We understand our licensees struggle to take time away from their business and so our workshops are held locally, are short in duration and run by experts in their field to ensure they are easy to attend and add real tangible value. The sessions we offer including marketing, merchandising, finance, retail standards and social media training.

To view all upcoming training courses, download the pdf here.

“I really enjoy the Admiral workshops. The trainer delivers the information with enthusiasm and energy which makes them even more enjoyable. I always leave the course feeling refreshed and motivated. I have made use of each and every course and have an increase in sales when applying the knowledge learnt. I always complete the action plan on the course evaluation form and I find my BDM very supportive in fulfilling the action plan.”

Masha – Black Lion, Leeds.

Pre-Entry Awareness Training Course

If you are considering entering into a pub tenancy or lease agreement in England or Wales you will need to complete the PEAT (Pre-Entry Awareness Training) e-learning course. This is a course that has been specifically designing for prospective tenants/lessees who are considering signing a pub tenancy agreement. It will give you the knowledge you need to fully consider the agreement you are entering into and will identify the main issue which need to be considered and investigated ahead of you signing the agreement.

Completing the course will help you identify the professional advice you need to take and questions you need to ask before you make the commitment.

To find out more about the course, visit

Apply to become a licensee

If you are ready to take your first steps towards owning your own pub business with a supportive partner behind you, then register and apply on line to become an Admiral Taverns licensee.

Our online application process is quick and easy, saves on postal costs and sets you on your way to becoming your own boss. If you prefer you can apply, in writing by downloading this form. Should you have any questions, please call our tenancy recruitment team on 01244 321 171

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  • Have I got everything I need to get up and running?

    If you’re moving into a new pub there’s a few things you need to do to get up and running. We’ve put together this handy checklist so that you don’t miss a thing.

    Download our handy checklist. 

  • Do I need to have run a pub or my own business before?

    While previous experience of running a pub or running a business is an advantage, it is not essential. More importantly is the vision for the business, the passion, commitment and drive to make the business a great success.

    We have bespoke training course specifically designed for new entrants to the pub trade.

  • How much money will I need?

    We can be flexible in the type of agreement we enter into with you and therefore the amount of money you need, but aside from an initial deposit, rent and fixtures and fittings, working capital will also be crucial, especially in the initial trading period.

    Landing on an exact figure is difficult to answer in isolation – without relating it to a specific pub, business plan and projected financial performance. Having a realistic expectation of what the pub can do is important for both you and Admiral.

    Our Business Development Managers can work closely with you to establish the funding requirements of your business but it is also very important to take advice from an independent professional, such as an accountant.

  • How much money could I expect to earn?

    Again, this is very difficult to answer as it entirely depends on the type of pub you are going to run, the business plan and projected sales and profits. Once again, our Business Develop Managers can work with you to establish these projections.

    It is important that the expectations of what the business will do are realistic and again, we would strongly recommend that licensees seek independent advice when writing a business plan or reviewing projected figures.

    Taking on a pub and being your own boss are not without risk, and clearly, being self-employed is very different to having a salaried job. However, there is also the prospect of greater reward – in terms of freedom, flexibility and also financial reward.

  • Do I need to commit to a long term agreement?

    Admiral Taverns offer a range of agreements including the Business Support Agreement which is a prelude to a long term substantive agreement.  The Business Support Agreement provides the platform for success through appropriate levels of training, advice and support.  The agreement lasts for 8 months before a 5 year substantive agreement is introduced which is not covered by the Tenant and Landlord Act.  This means that there is no automatic right to renew the agreement after five years.

  • What qualifications must I have?

    All licensees must have taken Pre Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) and must also hold a Personal License, granting the right to sell alcohol in a pub. Admiral can facilitate PEAT and also co-ordinate your Personal Licence application through the BII.

    Admiral also runs a number of bespoke training workshops that are designed to help licensees drive their businesses forward. These courses are free to attend and more information can be found on the training workshop section of this website.

  • What insurance do I need?

    Certain insurance policies do need to be in place and once again our Business Development Managers can advise you as to what cover you must have before you take on one of our pubs. The obvious ones are health and safety cover and contents insurance. It is also prudent to take out some form of personal cover in case you are unable to work for any reason.

  • Do I need an accountant?

    We strongly urge Admiral licensees to use an accountant from day one. Running a pub is a demanding job and having an accountant on hand will help you stay on top of the finances.

    We would also recommend that licensees employ a stock taker to undertake regular stock audits. Again, this is really important as it enables licensees to track stock and make sure they can account for all the goods going through the business.