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Innovative Pub & Bar Careers programme sees Perceptions Group scoop Publican Award

by admin 4/17/2014 1:47:00 PM

The hospitality industry continues to prove its worth to the UK economy, with the Perceptions Group scooping a prestigious award for its ‘Pub & Bar Careers’ programme.  The Publican Award for Best Industry Initiative was awarded to the group in a glittering ceremony attended by over 1,400 industry figures in March 2014 – just 12 months after the scheme was initially introduced.

The learning scheme gives operators an opportunity to overcome high staff turnover rates by engaging with thousands of unemployed young candidates who are suitably trained and work-ready. 


Particularly now, at a time when unemployment in the UK is high, the work that the group is doing is invaluable to both helping to change the perception of the pub and bar industry, and enabling young people to find their feet on a worthwhile career path. The group have pledged around 15,000 placements to young people across the UK, going some way to support the hospitality industry in its bid to recruit an estimated 100,000+ people by 2018. The group has expanded its operational network to tailor the needs of employers at local level through the setting up of  ‘Perceptions Champions’  who can speed up the process of attracting suitable candidates through working with local colleges, training providers and employers. 


What is the Pub and Bar careers programme?

The Pub & Bar scheme was devised in response to demand for more dedicated and skilled staff entering the hospitality industry.  Pinned around its innovative ‘pre-employment programme’, the scheme enables pub and bar employers to make a meaningful impact on the industry by providing its pupils with adequate preparation for careers in the industry..


The intensive pre-employment training programme is designed to equip pupils with everything they need to enter the industry, including but not exclusive to:

• ‘Learn the Age’ verification: learning how to spot potential underage drinkers and how to approach asking for ID

• Team Work: grasping the crucial role of effective teamwork in hospitality 

• Customer service: understanding the importance of, and learning effective techniques for good customer service

• Sales training: understanding the sales and marketing process, as well as approaches for valuable upselling

• Food safety (Level 2): achieving certified qualification in the legal requirements of food safety in hospitality

• Health and safety (Level 2) achieving certified qualification in the legal requirements of health and safety in hospitality 

• Dealing with difficult situations: equipping pupils with effective communication techniques to resolve tricky situations that come with serving alcohol

• Time management: learning relevant skills to manage time effectively and take initiative to improve work processes

• Job roles training: gaining familiarity with relevant roles, including bar tender, waiter, chef and kitchen assistant

• Interview skills: learning the skills to prepare for and carry out successful job interviews


These essential skills are honed through a 2-week placement with pub operators, who put students through their paces in real-life interview experience, work placements and employment. To find out more about how you could offer valuable experience through your pub, visit the Pub and Bar careers website.


The Award 

The Publican Awards 2014 is the biggest event in the pub industry calendar, and recognises the achievements of the top pub companies across 18 categories. 


The Pub Perceptions Group’s award for Best Industry Initiative is testament to the success that the scheme has seen during its first year in operation. The Publican Morning Advertiser’s group editor Rob Willock praised the winners, describing the judging process as ‘onerous’ and ‘rigorous’, and commenting, “all our winners are driving their business forward with energy and passion”.


Here at Admiral, we believe in developing and nurturing skills to support licensees run their establishment as effectively and successfully as possible. Follow the links to find more information about how we support our licensees through Admiral Taverns training courses, or how you can get involved with the Pub Perceptions Group’s Pub and Bars careers programme.


Government consults pubs on business rates

by Ashleigh 4/10/2014 4:52:00 PM

Pubs are being urged to share their views on business rates in a new Government consultation on the subject, ahead of the 2017 rates revaluation.

Pub industry groups, including the British Beer and Pub Association and the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, have long called for the Government to address the ‘disproportionate’ and ‘astonishingly large amounts’ of local business taxes pubs face compared to other high street retailers.

The five topics within the ‘Administration of Business Rates in England Discussion Paper’ are; how property is valued, how often property is valued, how business rates bills are set, how business rates are collected and how information about ratepayers and business rates are used.

Publicans have until 6 June to disclose their views on the discussion paper. For more information and to access the paper please click the below link:


Happy hour drives trade for pubs

by Ashleigh 4/10/2014 4:52:00 PM

Happy hours continue to play an important role in driving trade to pubs and restaurants on weekdays, new research has suggested, with customers looking for deals on food and soft drinks as well as alcohol.

The survey by American Express shows that one in five people will take advantage of timed deals and promotions at least once a month, and getting a “good price” has grown more important for them since 2012. This is especially true for food, with 63% of those surveyed saying they look for price, up from 41% in the last poll, two years ago.

Beer is the most common drinks order, closely followed by cocktails and mixed spirits, however soft drinks score high too. Happy hour visits tend to increase through the week, rising from 15% on a Monday to 69% who tend to go on a Friday. Nine out of ten people said they’d be likely to visit a venue on a Saturday, if happy hour promotions were extended to the weekend.


Pubs and clubs paid out £38.5m in music royalties in 2013

by Ashleigh 4/9/2014 4:53:00 PM

An agency which collects music royalty payments said revenue from pubs and clubs was up 2.1% last year. Performing Rights Society for Music returned to growth in 2013, collecting £38.5m from the sector.

The group, which collects royalties on behalf of songwriters, also saw revenue from hotels and restaurants increase by 4% to £20.6m. Overall royalties from public performances, including music festivals, grew by 4.9% to £162.3m.

PRS for Music said: “Revenue from the pub sector has grown after a number of challenging years. Increase in the number of pubs and more music usage contributed to 2.1% growth.”


Brewers toast beer duty cut campaigners

by Ashleigh 4/9/2014 4:53:00 PM

Brewers thanked a group of MPs who helped campaign for a second consecutive ‘penny off a pint’ in last month’s Budget in time-honoured tradition – by brewing a beer for them.

The beers ‘George’s Double Drop’, ‘Nicky Morgan’s Marvellous Mild’, ‘AG Bitter’, ‘Brandon’s Brew’, ‘Humphrey’s Hurrah’ were unveiled at an event hosted by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) in Westminster earlier this month.

The beers were presented to Brigid Simmonds (chief executive of BBPA), MP Andrew Griffiths, Robert Humphreys (secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group) and Christie Cryne (a director of CAMRA).

The limited-edition bottles are all badged with ‘The Local’s Hero Beer’ and an image of the individual within a pub sign design, to reflect the importance of the beer duty cut to pubs as well as brewers. 


Top 10 UK destinations revealed

by Ashleigh 4/8/2014 4:54:00 PM

TripAdvisor’s sixth annual Travellers’ Choice awards have revealed the United Kingdom’s top 10 destinations, based on reviews from the website.

The top three spots were awarded to London, Edinburgh and Torquay. Unlike last year, Manchester, Glasgow and Blackpool are absent from the list, and have been replaced by Edinburgh, York and Leeds. Two destinations that stand out in particular are Torquay and Llandudno; which are impressively the only town and beach destinations in the UK top 10.

The awards also saw London as the third-best global travel destination, just behind Istanbul and Rome. The awards are based on millions of reviews and opinions of TripAdvisor travellers.

A TripAdvisor spokesperson said: “These awards are based on millions of reviews and ratings by those that really matter – travellers themselves.”


Retailers warned to limit food waste

by Ashleigh 4/7/2014 4:55:00 PM

Retailers should take more responsibility for limiting food waste from both consumers and producers, a new report from the House of Lords EU Committee has warned.

The report said businesses need to be more aware of the correct quantities to order, to avoid situations in which already-grown or sourced produce ends up unsold. Such action is needed to help reduce the 90 million tonnes of food that is wasted in the EU every year, according to the Committee.

Other suggested solutions include encouraging retailers to redistribute unsold food for human and animal consumption, where safe to do so, and also utilising food banks.


Call for alcohol unit lines on pub glassware

by Ashleigh 4/4/2014 3:58:00 PM

Alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware has called for all glasses in pubs to have unit lines marked on them, so drinkers have a better understanding of how many units of alcohol they are consuming. The industry-funded charity believes that a line to denote a single unit is preferable to a unit line at the top of the glass, because it would help consumers “visualise how much a unit is”.

Drinkaware has also argued for unit information to be displayed on all alcoholic bottles and cans. In addition, they want pubs and restaurants to do more to promote the 125ml wine glass over larger serves.

These proposals come on the back of research commissioned by the charity, which suggests two-thirds of 25 to 65-year-old drinkers don’t recognise how many units they can drink if they want to stay inside the lower risk guidelines. The Drinkaware research also found most drinkers are unable to say how many units there are in a glass of wine or pint of beer.


Five easy but essential ways to get your pub summer-ready

by admin 4/3/2014 2:02:00 PM

Running a pub is a huge task within itself, but not taking the opportunity to cash in on the changing seasons can make for a much harder job. Just like when you refine your offering for big calendar events like Christmas time or Easter weekend, you should always be thinking about what your customers want to see at different points in the year.

In the winter, for example, we tend to hibernate. Red wine, cosy furnishings and log fires draw customers in out of the cold weather. But in the summer, when it’s (sometimes!) warm and bright outside, we’re more likely to be drawn towards bright and breezy spaces for a chilled white wine spritzer or cold beer.

This doesn’t mean that you have to completely renovate your bar for every changing season. Whilst there are things that you can do to summer-up your décor (such as switching posters around or moving the main focal point of the room to a space that is more light and airy), there are a number of much less invasive things you can do to make sure your pub is summer-ready.   

So how can you give your pub a sunny makeover to make sure you’re catering for what your patrons want this summertime?


Get in some decent beer

A well-stocked beer fridge makes all the difference to the success of a pub – and seasonality is key to this. Not only do you need to make sure that you know how to serve the beer you stock (whether that be an ice cold lager or real ale served just at the right temperature and in the right glass), but it also means you need to think about which beers you stock.

Whilst a good mix of lagers on draught will always go down well, you should think about what cask ales you buy in. Summer ales tend to be more light bodied and relatively low in alcohol compared with their winter counterparts. Unlike the hoppy IPAs that drinkers favour when the weather’s cold, in the summer, we go for more refreshing, crisp tastes.

You might also want to keep an eye out for any special seasonal blends, as some select breweries have started to experiment with new methods and flavours. For instance, gin barrel aging can give pale ales a distinctly refreshing flavour that is perfect for the summer months.


Tidy up your beer garden

As soon as the evenings start to get lighter and the weekends longer, the beer garden calls. Although the typically rainy British weather means that your beer garden doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the inside of your pub year-round, it’s difficult to overstate the lure of outdoor space to drinkers on a warm summers day. After all, who wants to sit inside a pub all day when they could be outside in the sun with a refreshing beverage.

As soon as the weather dries up enough to go outside (we’re talking mid-March time), get green-fingered and sort out the weeding, cut back any overgrown foliage, and cut the grass. You might want to spruce the place up with a couple of hanging baskets and a coat of wood-stain on the outdoor furniture too. Remember to check the benches for splits in the wood or loose nails and replace any dangerous equipment.

Finally, despite our usual optimism, the bulk of a British summertime is anything but hot and sunny. It might be worth investing in some awnings to keep the summer showers at bay, and a couple of patio heaters to keep revellers warm as the temperature drops at night.


Overhaul your menu

Get rid of those heavy steak puddings and warming stews to make way for lighter summer dishes. Although people still want a good pub meal, in the summer heat, they’re more likely to be enticed by a Ploughman’s platter or barbecue nosh.

Sausages and burgers sizzling in the courtyard (if you’re lucky enough to have one!) can be a really effective way to entice custom through the doors - even without any advertising. The combination of a well-stocked bar with simple yet tasty barbecue dishes could bring regular social gatherings to your pub rather than someone’s back-garden.

And as we’ve already touched upon, your drinks menu is equally if not more important than the food. Give your offering a refresh by promoting rosé over red wine and stocking up on popular summertime beverages like fruit cider and Pimms.


Big up the bargains

Don’t forget that the price of food and drink usually plays a key part in attracting custom. People like a deal, so dream up a couple of buy-one-get-one-frees, a competitive ‘set menu’ price or even a happy hour and you’ll find people piling through the door.

Bear in mind that if you advertise the best deals properly, you don’t have to go crazy with the deals. One or two well thought out offers will be much more effective than lots of less attractive promotions.


Organise a beer fest

The best time of year to host a beer festival in the UK is between June and August, as this is when you’re most likely to have the weather on-side. You can find some helpful hints and tips on how to run your own beer festival here, but as a general rule, you’ll need to be prepared to:

  • Make back-up arrangements for if it rains - a marquee is the ideal solution for this.
  • Contact local and national brewers to negotiate deals for the drink.
  • Organise food and entertainment – people are there for the all-round experience, it isn’t enough just to provide the drinks. Food and music go hand in hand with good beer.

Although a big event like this creates a lot of hard work, it can also be extremely rewarding in terms of both generating revenue and engaging the local community.

Here at Admiral, we believe that the make-up of a good pub is a passionate landlord with the right support network behind them to succeed and that’s why we offer comprehensive licensee support packages and training programmes. For more information or to speak to us about your dream of running a pub, why not get in touch or pop down to one of the Admiral open days.


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Admiral to build on status as licensees’ favourite

by Ashleigh 4/3/2014 9:32:00 AM

Community pubs champion outperforms all other national pub companies in newly-released independent industry research

Admiral Taverns is determined to build on the latest results of independent licensee research, which saw Admiral emerge ahead of its peer group as the highest-rated national pub company – in the eyes of licensees.

The 2013 pub company of the year once again performed strongly in the annual Tenant Track survey, with an impressive 75% of licensees declaring they would recommend Admiral to another publican as a great partner with which to work.

Nine out of ten licensees also only had positive things to say about their Admiral business development managers (BDMs). The independent research shows that out of all of the national pub companies, Admiral Taverns has:

• the most valued training for licensees and staff;
• the most valued food support and development;
• the fairest agreements;
• and the highest-rated recruitment process.

Kevin Georgel, CEO of Admiral Taverns, said: “We are incredibly proud of our Tenant Track results.  That so many of our licensees would recommend us as a business partner is a great indication of the strong working relationships we have with the people that choose to run an Admiral pub.

“Being named pub company of the year in 2013, and now recognised as the licensees’ favourite in the Tenant Track standings when compared to our immediate peer group, is fantastic recognition.

“However, we take nothing for granted and are determined to continue working on improving our relationships with our licensees, and to continue building on our industry-leading training, support and business development.  We want to be known as the pub company that licensees recognise as the best.”

In the Tenant Track survey, Admiral was voted the number one national pub company in terms of quality of BDM, fairness of agreement, quality and support of food offering, ordering process and accuracy of deliveries, as well as coming highest in overall reputation.

The latest Tenant Track survey was conducted in December 2013 among a nationally representative sample of 1,520 from 12 pub companies, including the six largest, with 225 Admiral licensees interviewed.

The Tenant Track results follow a successful past year for Admiral’s training programme, with the company: hitting a milestone of training 1,500 licensees and staff since its courses were re-launched in May 2011; receiving accreditation from the British Institute of Innkeeping’s Good Practice Recognition Scheme; progressing each BDM through their Multiple Licensed Premises Management qualification.